Your One Ticket To a Moon Landing

InSpace is engineered to take you Intergalactic

InSpace is about to expose you to a whole new level of awesome in the crypto space. InSpace was created to bring maximum benefits to the holders. We have put together a team of professionals, a solid community, and ground-breaking promotional strategies to ensure that we take a massive spot on the moon. We are sure you get the idea why we chose to be "InSpace".

  • The Next-level Token

    InSpace is a combination of rich hyper deflationary code, equipped with auto-buy-back and rewards features

  • Security-centric

    Our contract is super secured: we have anti-whale & anti-snipe set up, our liquidity pool is locked to protect your investments. Contract code was created by PinkSale SAFU developer and audited by

  • Working as a legal entity

    We are a legal entity, we follow all the guidelines provided by the Government of the UK. Also we have complete KYC process with PinkSale.

We are Multiverse Explorers

Our Space Shuttle Awaits You!

InSpace team of brilliant developers, having the best interest of users in mind, tailored every line of code to bring maximum advantages to YOU. From automatic token burns, to our auto-buy-back feature, our code has been carefully written to maximize your ROI. Thanks to our anti-whale feature, you are safe from getting dumped on, whenever you decide to be a part of our amazing community.

What Separates InSpace from the crowd

Engineered to go Intergalactic

In a bid to take you on an intergalactic journey in a way no crypto project has ever done, InSpace has been equipped with super features that not only keep your investment protected at all times, but also ensure that you get maximum returns on your investment.

  • Redistribution
    up to 7%

    Earn $INSP rewards just by HODLING your InSpace. We appreciate our diamond hands, so we reward them every time a transaction is carried out.

  • Anti-Whale

    With our anti-whale feature, you are sure not to lose your investment. You read that right! No whales will be dumping on you. Our code is programmed to stop sales bigger than 0.1% of the circulating supply.

  • Locked liquidity

    We understand how imperative it is to keep your investment secured, which is why we locked our liquidity for 12 months. Devs wallets are locked too.

  • Auto-Buy-Back &
    Token burn

    In a bid to keep healthy charts, we have implemented an auto buy-back feature that automatically kicks in to make purchases when it notices a downward trend in the charts.

How to buy InSpace

Buy on PancakeSwap

Bagging some InSpace tokens has been made super easy for you. Kindly follow the instructions below and you'll have $INSP in your wallet in minutes!

  • Install MetaMask

    If you are on PC, download the MetaMask browser extension. Metamask also has a mobile app. Setup your account & add the Binance Smart Chain to your network list.

  • Buy some BNB/USDT/BUSD

    Next, you will need to fund your wallet. To do this, buy BNB/USDT/BUSD on an exchange (i.e. Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase etc.). Transfer the tokens to your previously created MetaMask wallet address.

  • Exchange on PanCakeSwap

    Finally, head over to PancakeSwap and select $INSP. Set the slippage tolerance to 12% (sometimes it may be a bit more).

Buy on Presale (coming soon)

Get a chance to be part of the few that will get $INSP at a price a little lower than our public launch price. To grab this limited opportunity, visit our PinkSale page to take part in our presale event.

  • Presale start

  • Softcap

    50 BNB
  • Presale end

  • Liquidity percent



Transaction Taxes

  • 3%

    Marketing/ Devs

  • 5%

    Auto Buyback
    and Burn

  • 2%


  • 3%

    Marketing/ Devs

  • 5%

    Auto Buyback
    and Burn

  • 7%


$INSP Token Distribution

Here is a detailed analysis of how we have distributed the $INSP

  • Total supply $INSP
  • Tokens locked on 1 year 44%
    437.650.000.000 $INSP
  • Tokens for presale 28%
    280.500.000.000 $INSP
  • PancakeSwap liquidity 15%
    154.350.000.000 $INSP
  • Marketing funds 5% (locked) $INSP
  • Contributor's bonus 3% (locked)
    27.500.000.000 $INSP
  • Development 5% (locked) $INSP

The Road Map

  • Phase 1

    Contract creation
    Website launch
    Releasing of whitepaper
  • Phase 2

    Contract deployment
    Creation of social media pages
    Partnership with Influencers

Who we are?

Core Team Members

Check our KYC/DOXX certificate from AUDIT RATE TECH and from PinkSale
  • Jaroslavs Zenovjevs
  • Stanislav Kliuev
    Lead Developer
  • James Havers
    Operations Manager
  • Gunta Graudina

InSpace Finance Ltd.

Company Docs

InSpace Help Desk

Frequently Asked Questions

Why InSpace?

InSpace is engineered to take you on a moontrip. To make this achievable, we have put some amazing security features and marketing plans in place to make you have a beautiful experience holding $INSP. Do you have a question? Kindly send us an inquiry.

Why are we un-ruggable?

- no mint function in contract
- no blacklist
- we cannot turn off trade
- we cannot change taxes and max transaction amount
- locked liquidity
- locked devs' tokens
- SAFU contract created by PinkSale SAFU developer
- no private sale to dump
- no other wallets holding significant amounts of $INSP Token

What makes InSpace unique?

InSpace was developed to reward you! Not only have we set up an auto-reward-system that encourages you to hold by redistributing $INSP up to 7% to you, but we have also set up an auto-buy-back feature that steps in to keep the charts green, when there is a downward trend.

Do you have an Audit?

Yes we have an audit so everyone can be sure everything is secure -

What is the practical purpose of the $INSP token?

The $INSP token is meant to fulfill two primary functions: redistribution rewards and to serve as a digital currency. Holders of the $INSP token will be entitled to redistribution awards. Users, including those unfamiliar with crypto, will be allowed to use the token as a payment solution for day-to-day services and online products such as freelancing, affiliate payouts, etc. The coin will also be added to leading crypto billers, compelling many websites to accept it as a currency. Also we are building our own crypto payment gateway To ensure high adoptability of the $INSP token, its wallet app is intentionally designed to be user-friendly and fast, making it suitable for everyone.

What is buyback?

A buyback, simply explained, is carried out by companies to either reduce the total supply of its shares on the market, or to prevent other shareholders from getting the biggest slice of the company control pie.
InSpace has set this feature up to help reduce the circulation of the $INSP token, in order to add more value to the limited ones available, and also to keep whales at bay.

How does InSpace auto buyback work?

$INSP automatically charges a 5% buyback tax on each transaction - these are stored inside the contract.
Whenever a transaction occurs, our auto-buy-back feature uses a fraction of the buyback amount to automatically purchase tokens from the liquidity pool. Those tokens are immediately burned after purchase.

Why is Auto buyback Awesome?

After the $INSP gets bought from the liquidity pool, the new BNB amount is added to the pool and the amount of the tokens in circulation are reduced, thereby leading to an increase in $INSP price.

Who are the devs/owners?

InSpace was programmed by a team of tech enthusiasts, crypto developers and marketers who have recorded huge successes in the launching and earth-to-moon phases of several crypto projects.
You can check more info about us in the Team section.
InSpace was developed to bring the best of benefits to you, every step of the way.

Is the Team doxxed?

Yes, please check our Team section. Also, we are a legal entity and working as a UK company.
Our company name is Inspace Finance Ltd.
We are registered in the UK under company number 13546022, our registered office is located at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom.
You can find more info on the UK companies register website located at
Also, our Team section contain some company documents.

Is the ownership renounced?

No, InSpace is a real use case project and business, not a community owned meme coin with no purpose except to pump a chart. We need ownership control of the contract for all the future initiatives on the roadmap and CEX listings.

How about KYC?

We have successfully completed KYC by PinkSale. You can check KYC badge on our PinkSale pool page.

How to buy $INSP?

First you'll need a BEP20 supported wallet, such as Metamask. You will need to buy some BNB.
When you have these ready, copy our contact address and head over to PancakeSwap to swap BNB for InSpace.
Remember that each transaction on Binance Smart Chain costs BNB (this is called the "gas fee" and it's paid to miners to keep the network running).

My swap failed with code "INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT", what happened?

If you are trying to buy $INSP but you keep getting the error message: "INSUCCIFIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT", do not panic. Bear in mind that Slippage tolerance needs to be set to a minimum of 10% when you buy, and 15% when you sell.

How does PancakeSwap work?

It is pretty simple: It is an exchange that allows you to trade your favourite token on the DEFI network. It is the biggest exchange platform on the DEFI network, and can be accessed through the DAPPS of your TrustWallet app, or through the built-in browser of your Metamask wallet.

How to buy on PinkSale?

Open the presale link and connect Metamask, if you use Chrome on PC, or use Metamask built-in browser on mobile.
Enter amount of BNB you want to contribute.
Press CONTRIBUTE button then Confirm Metamask prompt that will be shown to you. You can claim your token after the presale has ended, by using the same presale link, clicking on "claim token" and approving the Metamask prompt.